Over the last decade, county spending has grown faster than population growth, which is why your taxes have gone up.

Rather than punishing taxpayers, perhaps you have a right to expect your government to live within its means. After all – you do.

One recent example of overspending is on the proposed county animal shelter. Our neighbors in Stafford County spent $5.7 million dollars to build their animal shelter. The proposed Prince William county animal shelter costs nearly three times as much ($15.1 million) and only has the capacity to house…two more animals!

I love animals as much as the next person. But why is it that Stafford County can spend nearly three times less on an animal shelter that houses virtually the same number of animals?

One of my responsibilities at the Manassas Park Police Department was to oversee the departments budget and ensure every dollar provided us by the taxpayers was being spent as efficiently as possible.

You can be assured that I will apply that same fiscally responsible discipline and be a good steward of your hard earned tax dollars as your next representative on the county board of supervisors.


As a parent of two children in Prince William County Public Schools, I have extra motivation to make sure our children receive a first-class education.

However, when more than half of our tax receipts are transferred to county schools we must ensure that money is being spent as wisely and economically as possible.

The brick and mortar buildings you and I learned out of worked for us, and it will work for my kids, as well. Aside from parental involvement, our teachers are the most critical component to our children receiving a first-class education and we must make sure that we have the funds necessary to recruit and retain the best and the brightest.

I’ll demand accountability from our largest expense so that your tax dollars are going towards what matters most.

Public Safety

Along with preserving liberty, protecting the citizenry is the most essential core function of government.

As a former police officer and Prince William County Sheriff’s Deputy I will always make sure our law enforcement and firefighters are adequately funded to keep us safe.

Having served in law enforcement, along with being a watchdog over department spending, has given me first-hand experience in identifying what is essential, and what is not, in order to keep us safe.

The Cost of Development

Not all new development is bad development, but we must require developers to foot their end of the bill when it comes to the added burden new development creates for our infrastructure costs.

Clogged roads, overcrowded schools, and decreases in public safety services are only three consequences to the population explosion of the last two decades.

Virginia law presently exempts developers from having to pay for infrastructure burdens imposed on localities caused by new developments.

We must work with and encourage the General Assembly to remove this restriction.

It doesn’t seem that many people consult with you, the taxpayer, before these new developments are built and approved.

Without requirements that mandate the development community to pitch in, you’re the one left paying the bill for the increased infrastructure costs through higher taxes and fees.