How Can I help with Yesli’s Campaign?

  • If you would like to volunteer please click here VOLUNTEER
  • If you would like to receive updates on the campaign by text or e-mail please click here SIGN UP
  • To financially support Yesli’s campaign please click here to contribute by credit card OR mail a check to P.O. BOX 344 Manassas, VA 20108 with the following information (Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Occupation, Employer Name and Address).  
  • To host a Fundraiser or Meet and Greet in your neighborhood for Yesli, please click HERE

What makes Yesli the most qualified for this position?

Yesli has committed her life to public service.  She has served in various positions that require integrity, backbone, ingenuity, and dedication. Along with her career in law enforcement, she has served her community in a number of ways through her church and other volunteer efforts. She has demonstrated a servants heart and will bring that same calling to continue to serve every resident of the Coles District. 

What makes Yesli different?

In every position she’s had, Yesli has demonstrated integrity and has been led by the courage of her convictions to stand up for what is right.  She will not cave in the face of pressure, and her vote will not be for sale.  She is not seeking this position out of any private interest. She will have no conflicts of interest when it comes to issues of development and property rights.  She is accountable to God, her family, and, if elected, her constituents, and you will not have to guess or worry about where she stands on the most important issues facing Prince William County.

Where do I vote for Yesli?

Please click HERE to find out which Coles District Precinct you live in.