Rural Crescent and Open Space

My husband and I chose to move to a more rural part of the district because of its natural beauty and pace of life. That’s why many of you chose to move to central and western Prince William County as well.

Two decades ago, the board made a promise to the citizens of the central, western, and northernmost parts of the county to preserve and protect what became known as the Rural Crescent from large scale growth. It seems some members are not exactly interested in keeping that promise. As a resident, first and foremost, you can be assured that I will.

I’ve met with and listened to many individuals and organizations that are impacted the most by this issue and my resolve to protecting these areas has only been strengthened.

I’m reminded of the words in Matthew, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?”.  I see preserving the rural crescent and other rural parts of our county the same way. What are the costs? What are the benefits? What really matters? As stewards of the taxpayers trust, we must always ask ourselves these questions.

I have, and it is my belief that there are more important things than incessant building in these areas.

It’s not just the beauty and the character of those communities that we lose. It’s the increase in traffic. It’s the overcrowding of schools – and so many other issues that must be taken into account when new developments are proposed.

We absolutely must have growth and development to keep our economy strong and vibrant. But does every inch of the county, from Broad Run to Triangle have to be covered in concrete?

I have proposed that any new growth be focused in the areas that have already been zoned out for future development. Additionally, we should utilize and work to modernize existing structures and shopping centers for new businesses wishing to move into the county.

By being smart and having a more balanced approach in our decisions regarding development we can continue to recruit investment and bring economic opportunity while still respecting the rights of our current property owners.

Once we lose the rural character of these parts of our county, specifically designed for preservation, we won’t ever get it back.

Our neighbors in the rural crescent and other rural parts of the county cherish their way of life and we must be respectful of them.

Integrity matters. Let’s keep our promises.