Development has a residual impact on virtually every other issuing facing Prince William County residents. Traffic, roads, schools, taxes, county spending, preserving greenspace and rural areas, and public safety, just to name a few. 

In order to grow our economy and shift our tax base from being so heavily reliant on personal property taxes, we must encourage commercial development by implementing business friendly policies. However, we must always do so with the best interests of our neighbors in mind, first and foremost. 

As Supervisor, I will work to ensure any new growth is focused on the areas that have already been planned out for future development. Additionally, we should utilize and work to modernize existing structures and shopping centers for new businesses wishing to move into the county. 

With a much more balanced and smart approach to development, we can still preserve the Prince William County we all know and love while growing our economy and diversifying our tax base at the same time.