The average Coles resident spends an hour and twenty minutes per day, six hours per week, and more than one full twenty-four-hour day per month in traffic trying to get to and from work.

This is a serious quality of life issue that must be addressed and alleviated.

Once more, we must be mindful that our approach towards new development has real consequences.

Unless we get smarter about our development choices, the six hours per week will continue to grow, minute by minute, week by week.

As Supervisor, I will always keep the needs of you, the current taxpayer and the current Prince William County resident first when considering the costs of new development.

Aside from the choices the board makes in this regard, we must also insist that the Commonwealth works with us to help address these issues, as well.

Continued pressure must be applied to the Virginia General Assembly to lift the restriction that exempts developers from having to foot at least part of the bill for the necessary road repairs and new lanes and roads created to serve the increased traffic from new structures and communities.

Additionally, we must make sure that the money our citizens have paid out in taxes and tolls are coming back into the county. This includes reimbursements from VDOT to go towards 66, 95, and 28, in addition to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE).

I’m a big fan of the VRE and believe it is and can continue to be a significant boon to our regional and local transportation needs. The new jobs that are coming from Amazon and Micron will make it necessary.

Route 28

For years, politicians have been telling us they were going to fix the traffic nightmare on Route 28. A lot of studies have been done, but very little in the way of results. Let’s finally do something.

I propose creating a reversible lane going northbound during morning rush hour and southbound during the afternoon and evening pickup to help alleviate the stop and go so many Coles and Prince William County residents face each and every day.

According to VDOT, this bi-partisan idea will actually costs the taxpayers less than the amount of money we’ve wasted on study after study instead of actually fixing the issue.

Additionally, while we appreciate the initial VRE investments the state has made in the county, more is needed. I would like to see a new station along the Route 28 Corridor to lighten the stifling traffic commuters there deal with on a daily basis.

You paid for it. Let’s get it back and get our traffic moving.